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ECO-flow™ Range

Effective, cost-efficient, reduced energy usage

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The ECO-flow™ Range of UCV Canopies

Ultraclean ventilation systems create a zone around the patient that is free from bacteria-carrying airborne particles, significantly reducing surgical site infection.  In addition, an ultraclean theatre can be used for a wider range of surgery, converting from general to ultraclean in under an hour.

The ECO-flow™ UCV Canopy

MAT is known throughout the UK for the ECO-flow™ self-contained ultraclean ventilation (UCV) system, which eliminates dangerous airborne particles within the operating theatre clean zone for safer surgery, as detailed in HTM 03-01 guidelines.

The innovative system offers reduced energy usage compared with other similar units on the market, supporting government and hospital energy efficiency targets. This is achieved without any reduction in the level of performance.

Available in different sizes as a self-contained fan or remote fan configuration and in both screened and screenless technologies to suit the design and demands of the modern operating theatre, the ECO-flow™ UCV canopy is quiet, easy to use and highly cost efficient.

Specialist Options

We typically supply the ECO-flow™ UCV canopy as part of a turnkey solution, MCP package or specialist equipment package. However, it is also available as a standalone solution.  Whichever option you choose, it’s always backed up by our design and installation expertise.

We offer vendor neutrality, with the option of fitting free-issue equipment. If required, we can also provide all the ancillary products necessary to complete your turnkey installation.

We can work with the incumbent architect and building services design consultant, from initial feasibility right through to the final design stages of a project.

Screened and Screenless Design

The screened ECO-flow™ ventilation canopy has been our flagship product since its development and is extensively used in hospitals throughout the UK.

More recently, we launched our screenless version of the ECO-flow™ canopy.  Housed in a sleek, elegant unit, the screenless design means that pendants can swing easily in and out of the clean zone, ensuring maximum functionality and making it ideal for the increasingly popular hybrid and integrated operating theatres.

Regardless of whether you choose the screened, screenless, integral or remote option, you will benefit from the innovative engineering, outstanding efficiency, and energy-saving features of the ECO-flow™ range of canopies.



The ECO-flow™ range unites advanced features to deliver highly energy-efficient, self-contained, effective ultraclean air distribution.  As operating theatre design changes, we remain at the forefront of innovation and engineering, ensuring that whatever 21st century healthcare demands, we have the product range to meet it.



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