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Remote fans for virtually silent operation


The Freeflow™ is an ultra quiet, ultraclean ventilation canopy with remote fans. 

It combines greater flexibility with high performance functionality and durability.

Remote UCV Canopy

MAT’s unique and ultra-quiet Freeflow™ UCV canopy uses low-level recirculation ducts to prevent entrainment. Its screenless design also allows for greater flexibility within the clean zone.

The Freeflow™ sets a new benchmark for modern operating theatre design, and combines durability with high performance functionality.

The system is fully complaint with the guidelines in HTM 03-01.

Noise Reduction

There are no fans contained within the canopy itself as everything is housed remotely – this means the Freeflow™ attains new levels of noise reduction, significantly below the HTM 03-01 recommendation of NR 50.

The virtually silent Freeflow™ creates the optimum environment for the clinical team, reducing fatigue and associated issues.

Minimal Maintenance

There are no moving parts to replace within the Freeflow™ canopy, so any downtime for maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum.

In the busy and often pressured environment of the operating theatre, this saves time, money and stress.

Freeflow canopy


The Freeflow™ contains advanced features to deliver highly efficient, quiet, remote fan ultraclean air distribution.  As operating theatre design changes, we remain at the forefront of innovation and engineering, ensuring that whatever 21st century healthcare demands, we have the product to meet it.



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