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Standalone Services

MAT FM also offers a range of carefully selected standalone services including operating theatre validation and verification, hydrogen peroxide operating theatre decontamination and decontamination of other key sensitive areas, microbiological testing, UCV canopy glazed panel replacement and HEPA filter upgrades. These can be used to complement our PPM packages or on a one-off or more regular basis.

Small Works

MAT FM has a dedicated team of specialist small works engineers, project managers, designers, construction, engineering installation and commissioning teams. This means that we can carry out small works projects to any specialist area such as operating theatres, cleanrooms, and manufacturing, containment and laboratory installations.

In addition, problems with, for example, the main AHU air supply volumes or equipment erosion or damage, may be noted during standard maintenance. In this event, unlike many of our competitors we can provide a price to replace, repair or upgrade the issue quickly and efficiently under a separate small works order.

We are fully conversant and up-to-date with all relevant standards and guidelines. Our small works engineers can assist in bringing your facility up to the required standard or undertaking emergency remedial works.

Our small works projects include:

  • UCV renovations and upgrades
  • Air Handling Unit (AHU) renovations and upgrades
  • Ventilation upgrades to relevant current standards
  • Minor building and finishes works
  • Electrical and controls works
  • Facility decommissioning

Service and Support Packages

We offer a wide range of specialist service and support packages to keep your UCV and conventional theatres suites and critical ventilation areas operational and compliant:

Operating theatre suite and recovery room

  • Annual full verification of UCV theatre suite (includes a major service; minor half yearly service can also be added)
  • Annual full verification of conventional theatre suite
  • Annual major service of UCV canopy (minor half yearly service can also be added)
  • Annual or bi-annual minor service of UCV canopy
  • HEPA change on UCV canopy (if required, MAT FM engineers can also replace the HEPA filters in operating theatre UCV canopies fitted with downward facing gel seal HEPA filters

Aseptic suite critical ventilation system

  • Minor service (to be undertaken at 6 monthly intervals)
  • Annual major service, including: Airflow and pressure cascades | Filter integrity testing | Particle count testing | Lighting levels | Temperature and humidity levels | Pressure decay | Smoke visualisation | Recovery rates

Containment laboratory critical ventilation system

  • Annual major service, including: Airflow and pressure cascades | Filter integrity testing | Lighting levels | Temperature and humidity levels | Smoke testing (room leakage tests)

Other critical ventilation areas covered

  • Recovery rooms
  • Critical care facilities and isolation room
  • Endoscopy and treatment rooms
  • Mortuary rooms

Microbiological Testing

Some microorganisms can cause severe illness or contaminate sterile environments. Because of this, microbiological testing is an essential stage in proving that an operating theatre has reached the required standards for use as it ensures the microbiological threshold has been achieved.

Working with the necessary laboratory, MAT FM engineers are trained to carry out microbiological testing.

Glazed Panel Replacement

Over time, the glazed polycarbonate panels around the perimeter of an ultraclean ventilation (UCV) canopy can become scratched and damaged and the paint finish on the aluminium frame can flake.

This not only makes the operating theatre look tired but can also cause issues around infection prevention. This is because chips and scratches can harbour dangerous bacteria.

The glazed canopy replacement service from MAT FM is a quick, easy and cost-effective way to make your UCV canopy look as good as new and give the entire operating theatre a facelift. It can be carried out on most UCV canopies, regardless of manufacturer or age.

Download our handout on glazed panel replacement



Inverter Upgrades

Our new inverter technology can be fitted to replace your obsolete variac/rheostat speed controller. The benefits are:

  • No moving or contact parts susceptible to wear and failure
  • Reduced maintenance/extended lifecycle
  • Substantial energy/carbon savings and low payback time
  • Greater control of fan speeds
  • Fits in the same enclosure

Units can be retrofitted within a two hour period.

“Thank you for the work completed this weekend replacing our canopy panels; it has improved the appearance of the theatre greatly as well as supporting our infection prevention measures.”

Lewis Fernandes: Estates Officer, South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust



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