Medical Air Technology lay-up cabinets


MAT hospital lay-up cabinet

Release the potential of your sterile pack store

MAT’s self-contained lay-up cabinet is designed to operate in your operating theatre preparation room, protecting surgical instruments from airborne contamination, reducing bioburden to help in the fight against SSI, and releasing the potential of your sterile pack store. 


Infection control

  1. Creates a sterile field for surgical instrument preparation
  2. Protects surgical instruments from airborne contamination
  3. Reduces bioburden by >95% under the lay-up cabinet in the preparation room
  4. Removes 99.99% if microorganisms & bacteria during instrument lay-up procedures
  5. Achieves <5 CFU / M3 environmental conditions over surgical instrument trays

Theatre team

  1. Design specifically for surgical instrument & prosthetic equipment preparation
  2.  Prepare your instruments under safe hygienic conditions
  3. Releases the potential of your sterile pack store (SPS)
  4. Provides improved illumination for surgical instrument preparation
  5. Easy to install with no operating theatre downtime
  6. Easy to use with touchscreen controls

Surgical directorate

  1. Reduces burden on medical and financial resources, both during surgery and post-operative hospital care
  2.  Increases theatre efficiencies, throughput & productivity
  3. A step in the right direction in combatting HCAI and specifically costly SSI
  4. Very quick return on investment & low running costs


The lay-up cabinet is a self-contained solution that supports infection control and improves theatre throughput.

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