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MAT FM offers a full facilities management and aftersales capability that keeps your critical ventilation system compliant and working correctly, providing a safe environment for patient care and reducing operating costs.

We have a team of ventilation engineers, specially trained to assist organisations in managing the risks from exposure to microbiological bacteria in specialised ventilation systems. As part of this, we can also provide action plans and yearly audit reports. We compile these using site surveys, interviews with key staff members and careful analysis of your critical ventilation verification reports.

Maintaining Your Critical Ventilation System

A functioning and compliant critical ventilation system is crucial to the successful operation of the complex hospital and wider healthcare environment, where downtime can be catastrophic for patients and business.

  • Performance management
  • Improving reliability and performance
  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Cost modelling
  • PFI life cycle replacement (change-outs)
  • Lowering energy usage

Supporting Energy Efficiency

“Energy consumption can increase by up to 60% if regular maintenance is not undertaken. Dirty or faulty fans, air ducts and components directly affect system efficiency and will increase running costs and risk of breakdown.”

The Carbon Trust: Hospitals – Healthy Budgets Through Energy Efficiency.

MAT FM engineers will keep your critical ventilation system in peak condition for optimum energy efficiency. This saves money and helps hospitals to comply with government targets.

Specialist Critical Air Engineers

MAT FM has a team of specialist engineers located throughout Britain and Northern Ireland, all equipped with fully stocked liveried vehicles.

This means they can respond to service calls quickly and deal with faults on the spot if possible, ensuring minimum downtime.

Fully Stocked Warehouses

Our warehouses are stocked with spare parts for all major UCV systems, so we can maintain UCV systems regardless of supplier.  In addition, we also have a global servicing and validation network.

Flexible Service Provision

At MAT FM, we work around what suits you – servicing can be planned for weekday or weekend for minimum disruption.

Customer Support

Our dedicated customer support team is on hand to take your service calls and ensure that the right engineer is dispatched to your job as quickly as possible.

You will also receive an image and brief CV of the engineer attending the service call.

Our Customers

Keeping your critical air system compliant and in peak condition is vital. If it is not maintained properly, it may not offer the level of protection needed to ensure patient and user safety. MAT FM is proud to work in partnership with the NHS and private healthcare companies, FM providers, main contractors, universities and research facilities to ensure ultraclean ventilation (UCV) canopies and critical ventilation systems are always functioning at the optimum level.

Why Choose MAT FM?

As an established and trusted supplier of FM solutions, we work closely with you to deliver:

  • Knowledge and expertise – we understand critical ventilation systems because we design and install them
  • Flexibility – we maintain UCV canopies provided by any supplier and can also handle all your containment laboratory and aseptic suite requirements
  • Reduced life-cycle costs – we will help you get the most our of your equipment, supporting you as you manage tight budgets
  • Bespoke service solutions – our tailored packages mean you get the level of service you need

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“The team from MAT FM gave us excellent service again this year, performing their role in a very respectful and professional manner. I want to thank them particularly for appreciating the patients’ and families’ experience on the unit – your engineers noticed the air vents were causing disturbance and adapted them to reduce the noise; this displays their commitment to providing us with an excellent service and we are very grateful to them”.

Karen Wall: Senior Sister, Ward 3 Children’s HSCT Unit, Great North Children’s Hospital



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