Ultraclean air

Where and when you need it

MAT FM offers two product ranges designed to keep the air over wounds and surgical instruments free of dangerous bacteria:

·     Mobile laminar flow solutions

·     Lay-up cabinet

Mobile laminar flow solutions

Medical Air Technology is the UK supplier of the Toul Meditech mobile laminar airflow units, which have been used in Scandinavia since 2003. They provide an ultraclean, horizontal flow of air directly over the surgical site and instruments and act as a barrier to minimize the presence of bacteria-carrying particles.

Whichever option you go for – the SteriStay protective instrument table or Operio, the units are ready for use following delivery and a minimal installation time. They can be used in different locations within a hospital or shared between hospitals.


  • Suitable for any surgical situation or application 
  • Minimal training time 
  • Fast pre-operative set-up time 
  • Safe, hygienic operations with airflow focused on the wound area or the instruments, undisturbed by staff or equipment
  • Eliminate risk of contamination of operating tools, implants or prostheses 
  • Validated for surgical environments 
  • No rebuilding costs required

The MAT lay-up cabinet

Our unique lay-up cabinet is available in a variety of sizes and requires only minimal installation time, making it a flexible and cost-effective solution for operating theatre prep rooms where space may be limited, but infection control essential.


The cabinet is fully self-contained and requires only a 13amp power supply. Medical equipment placed under the cabinet’s diffuser is bathed in uni-directional HEPA-filtered air, which passes directly over the sterile instrument tray. It provides more than 1,000 air changes per hour over the instruments, creating a safe, sterile lay-up area. The instrument tray can then be covered with a sterile cloth and taken from the prep room into the operating theatre clean zone.


The lay-up cabinet helps operating theatres to run more efficiently by reducing downtime due to contamination issues. It also helps to keep everything flowing smoothly from one operation to the next, as instruments can be easily and safely laid-up in the prep room, ready for the next patient.



  • Fully self-contained
  • Requires only 13-amp power supply
  • Takes up minimal wall space
  • Electronic control panel
  • Adjustable fan speed and integral LED lighting
  • High quality powder-coated finish
  • Easy installation