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ECO-flow Dynamic

ECO-flow Dynamic

Screenless Ultraclean Ventilation (UCV) Canopy

The ECO-flow Dynamic UCV canopy was designed primarily for use in orthopaedic operating theatres and where the risk and consequences of surgical site infection (SSI) are costly, thus improving patient care outcomes and throughput.

The ECO-flow Dynamic is a self-contained ultraclean canopy comprising of comprising of UCV plenum and 4 x

integrally mounted recirculation fans within each quadrant of UCV air terminal unit, which also contains attenuation,

return air pre-filters, final HEPA filters, graded air diffuser, air curtain with 2 x dedicated fans and integral LED cruciform


The ECO-flow Dynamic utilises a graded airflow diffuser and is fitted with an air curtain barrier to control the supply

air flow pattern and prevent entrainment. The floor demarcation provides easy recognition of the dedicated clean zone and helps define the sterile field.

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  • Compliance with HTM 03-01 (2021) Specialised Ventilation for Healthcare Premises – Part A
  • Energy-efficient fans
  • ECO-flow control panel c/w built in energy management options
  • Graded airflow diffuser
  • Integral LED cruciform lighting c/w dimming


The ECO-flow range unites advanced features to deliver highly energy-efficient, self-contained, effective ultraclean air distribution. As operating theatre design changes, we remain at the forefront of innovation and engineering, ensuring that whatever 21st century healthcare demands, we have the product range to meet it.

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