The specialist contractor route

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For specialist ventilation, you need a specialist contractor.

Our huge experience in the industry has shown repeatedly that this offers end-users the best value for money and reduces the programme when compared to other procurement routes. At MAT, we work closely with you throughout, whichever route your project is taking.

Specialist solutions for ventilation

Our specialist solutions

Which stop will you be getting off at?

What does a critical ventilation system need to deliver? More and more research has shown the importance of indoor air quality. Ventilation is a constant – it works throughout the day and night to maintain the safest and most pleasant conditions for everyone in the ventilated space. 


Even when the room is empty, the ventilation system is still doing its work, controlling temperature, improving air quality and, in the healthcare environment, fulfilling its vital role in the infection prevention process.


Our specialist solutions, developed by experts in the field, provide a safe critical ventilation system for your complex healthcare or life science environment. All installations are compliant with the guidelines contained within Healthcare Technical Memorandum 03-01 Specialised ventilation for healthcare buildings (HTM 03-01) and Health Building Note 26 (HBN 26) Facilities for surgical procedures in acute general hospitals.

We offer four main specialist solutions:

·     Specialist Equipment Package (SEP)

·     MAT Core Package (MCP)

·     Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP)

·     Turnkey design and build solutions




We work under most standard forms of contract and sub-contract. In addition, we are proud to have a place on two key National Health Service frameworks:

  • NHS Supply Chain Architectural Surgical Medical Systems, Operating and Diagnostic Imaging Tables, Patient Stretchers and Trolleys, Medical Lasers and Related Accessories and Services
  • NHS London Procurement Partnership DPS Minor Works and Maintenance

We are also an approved supplier for several hospital Trusts.

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