Energy-efficient hospital UCV canopies



Energy-efficient UCV canopies

MAT’s ultraclean ventilation (UCV) canopies are seen in operating theatre suites, first stage recovery, isolation, critical care, aseptic suites, and sterile services areas across the UK. 


Designed in line with the requirements of HTM 03-01 (2021), canopies from our ECO-flow range support hospitals in the fight against surgical site infection, one of the most frequently reported types of healthcare associated infection. 


Reducing bioburden and airborne bacteria in the operating theatre is vital for successful surgery and improved patient outcomes.  Thanks to UCV technology, the incidence of deep sepsis in orthopaedic surgery has been dramatically reduced. Ultraclean also provides significant benefits in multidisciplinary surgical procedures, reduces waiting lists, and increases flexibility for elective procedures.

“The use of ultra clean air theatres, installed, maintained and checked according to HTM 03-01, is considered essential for any clean orthopaedic surgery involving major implants.”

The British Orthopaedic Association, Consultant Advisory Booklet

Laminar airflow or UCV graded airflow? 

You may be familiar with the term ‘laminar airflow’, but in MAT’s ECO-flow ultraclean ventilation system, laminar airflow has been succeeded by graded exponential airflow. 

This is created by the unique UCV diffuser plate contained within the UCV system and located directly above the patient, where the air leaves the canopy. 

In graded exponential airflow design, a controlled column of ultraclean air is delivered down and over the operating table, surgical team, and equipment. It then moves radically outwards and up to the return air intakes, creating a protective ‘curtain’. In this way, the team has free access in and out of the clean zone without the risk of introducing air that could contain bacteria and potentially lead to infection.

Ultraclean systems are equipped with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, which prevent recirculation of bacteria by removing 99.97% of airborne particles sized 0.3 microns or larger. This micron size (0.3) is referred to by scientists as the Most Penetrating Particle Size, or MPPS. Research has shown that particles of this size evade air filters more than larger or smaller particles. 


ultraclean ventilation


The ECO-flow ultraclean ventilation (UCV) system

In the UK, ultraclean ventilation (UCV) is required for all orthopaedic surgery, as detailed in HTM 03-01 (2021) guidelines. 

Ultraclean ventilation is an essential step in maintaining a high quality of the air in the operating theatre and therefore controlling the risk of surgical infections. 

MAT is known throughout the UK for the ECO-flow UCV system, which eliminates dangerous airborne particles within the operating theatre clean zone for safer surgery.

As well as being very quiet, it offers reduced energy usage compared with other similar units on the market, supporting government and hospital ‘net zero’ energy efficiency targets. This is achieved without any reduction in the level of performance.

ECO-flow canopy options

• ECO-flow Stealth - screenless flush-to-ceiling canopy

• ECO-flow Dynamic - screenless canopy

• The original ECO-flow - traditional canopy

Each model of UCV canopy is available at standard size 2.8m x 2.8m clean zone or with larger size 3.2m x 3.2m clean zone.

Canopies can be supplied on their own, or as part of an equipment package, or in a total turnkey operating theatre solution. We offer vendor neutrality, with the option of fitting free issue equipment. We can also provide all the ancillary products required to complete your turnkey installation.

The MAT lay-up cabinet and mobile laminar flow solutions

The MAT lay-up cabinet protects surgical instruments from airborne contamination, reducing 99.99% of microorganisms and bacteria during instrument lay-up procedures. It also reduces bioburden to help in the fight against surgical site infection.

The lay-up cabinet takes up as little as 1.4m of wall space, depending on the unit chosen. It can be installed quickly and easily in the sterile pack store and is easy to use, with clear touchscreen controls.

MAT is also the UK distributor for the Toul Meditech range of mobile laminar flow solutions, designed to create a sterile field for surgical instrument preparation. These HEPA-filtered air devices act independently of any ventilation system.  Ceiling mounted or mobile, they can be used in all types of operating theatre or surgical preparation room to deliver ultraclean air directly over the surgical site and instruments.




Passionate about instrument and patient protection

“Everything which is to come into contact with the wound has been made sterile, except the air, which is in contact with everything.”

Prof Whyte, 1973

Surgical site infection (SSI) places an enormous clinical and economic burden on surgery and is associated not only with increased morbidity but also with substantial mortality. It has been estimated that as many as 77% of surgical patients’ deaths are related to surgical wound infection. 


The main source of contamination within operating theatres are human activities, clothing, and equipment.  MAT’s UCV canopies, lay-up cabinet, and mobile laminar flow solutions dramatically reduce the level of colony forming units (CFUs) in the air. In this way, the risk of SSI is reduced and with it the associated distress for patients and cost to hospitals.

“As the practice manager and undertaking such a large project while still serving the patients, I thought it would be a major headache onsite on a daily basis. How wrong I was. MAT and all contractors employed by them were nothing but professional, mindful of our business, polite and an absolute pleasure to work with. At each stage of the journey, we were kept informed and changes implemented when issues arose. I cannot recommend MAT highly enough.”

Natalie Pepper: Practice Manager, iSIGHT Clinic

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